Hellocomputer – Future Makers

Posted: November 20, 2013

Hellocomputer, which led the gold awards table at Bookmarks 2013, is reinventing itself for future growth and innovation.

A landmark date in this reinvention will be November 16; not least because of its move into a new space to be shared with Draftfcb Cape Town in Woodstock.

The Tramways building, designed in collaboration with StudioMAS Architects, embodies the spirit of creative collaboration. A converted factory is the perfect statement for an organisation whose redefined purpose is ‘all about the work’.

new office 3 New office 1 new office 4 new office 2

Lead architect on the project Sean Mahoney, explained: “We agreed that facilitating creativity through an environment that is both striking and inspirational would be central to our design ethos.”

But it’s the nature of work that is underscoring Hellocomputer’s new positioning and client proposition.

“Our view is that everything that can be digitized will be. In the future, all agencies will need to grasp the technological layer that wraps all mediums to unlock a higher purpose. Hellocomputer is perfectly suited for that reality. We are the new traditional agency,” said David Moffatt of Hellocomputer’s EXCO.

The Hellocomputer team’s view is that future generation communications companies must possess comprehensive digital capabilities, an acumen for crunching data to glean insights, real time content creation for real time conversations with an epicenter that is social by design.

Correspondingly, this hybrid agency now features a collection of in-house directors, photographers, animators, editors and creative technologists to explore a new paradigm of digitally-led marketing experiences and branded content.

Clients embracing Hellocomputer’s broader marketing offering include Pernod Ricard, Momentum and Toyota for which the agency delivers a spectrum of ‘through’ and ‘below the line’ work. Creativity and innovation remain the cornerstones of Hellocomputer’s culture and value proposition.

“We remain fundamentally digital. However, the marketing landscape isn’t siloed in consumers’ minds, so our strategies and associated creative production will span across advertising, mobile,web, application development, digital media and content creation,” said Moffatt.

For more about Hellocomputer’s agency model and services please visit: www.hellocomputer.com

Hellocomputer’s new contact details are:
5 Armadale Street, Woodstock, Cape Town