Hellocomputer’s Hack-a-Thon Kicks Off in 24 Hours

Posted: May 8, 2013

Hellocomputer and Draftfcb’s first hack-a-thon of 2013 kicks off in just 24 hours in the Johannesburg office in Katherine Street, Sandton.

Teams will be briefed at 18h00 on Thursday May 9 and be given 48 hours to complete their hack before presenting the outcome to judges Danette Breitechbach (Advantage), Fran Luckin (Ogilvy), Brent Singer (Network) and Brett Morris (Draftfcb).

An intense 48-hour caffeine fuelled event pitting teams comprising sharp tech minds and top-shelf creatives, hack-a-thons involve bending, forcing or breaking old conventions to create something new and innovative out of the chaos.

At last year’s inaugural hack-a-thon, a handful of exceptionally talented teams delivered an equaliser made out of slinkys, an iPhone-controlled quadrocopter and the winning idea, a tweeting hamster.

Hellocomputer’s executive creative director, Mark Tomlinson, said anyone is welcome to visit the agency during the course of the hack to watch the action.

“Everyone is invited to pull through, spectate or even submit a team if they’re up for the challenge. Come on, be one of those mech-magicians that astound us; sign up before the start whistle blows.”