Hero growing today from deep digital roots

Posted: January 15, 2015

Hero co-founder and director, James BurtonIt’s been the trend for exclusively digital agency brands to hold sway in the digital marketing spotlight for quite some time. With the result that digital teams with immense capabilities, which are embedded in full-service agencies such as Hero, have been somewhat flying under the radar. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In the case of Hero, it’s given its digital team 18 years to amass serious digital credentials and an impressive, variable body of work that today positions the agency as masters of digital marketing channels in the “New Economy”.

Under the leadership of Hero co-founder and director, James Burton, a passionate digital pioneer, strategist and entrepreneur, the team has travelled the road less taken by ad agencies. Cutting their teeth on conceiving, incubating and bringing to life in-house digital enterprises and collaborations such as Rocketseed in 2000; followed by the award-winning social enterprise, The Broccoli Project and 1Address.com – a concept ahead of its time, Hero’s digital team has built a significant skill set which is arguably unmatched in the current marketplace.

Burton comments, “Hero’s digital capabilities are resultantly much deeper and broader than those typically required to deliver all the usual digital marketing services; and we are unusually rich in the skillsets required to offer clients and collaborators a full range of sophisticated platform development services. This is not surprising seeing that over the last 18 years we have amassed extensive experience in building online business systems for clients in industries such as recruitment, property sales and rental, software sales and online retail.”

With digital work dominating its pipeline, Hero’s dedicated 18- strong digital team is currently expanding to meet client demand; and having a compelling employer brand is enabling Hero to attract and retain the cream of the talent crop. “We’ve always quietly been at the frontier of what’s happening in the digital landscape,” comments Burton, “And, that’s a fresh and exciting place for digital creatives to work. We’re completely turned on by exploring and delivering technology-enabled marketing solutions. When it comes to channels, we’re not content to just make use of the usual suspects; we’re always looking to create new channels to take our clients products and brands to the digital market.”

As an agency, Hero has from the outset declared itself channel and platform agnostic. The focus throughout its operations has always been first on honing the strategic thinking behind a concept so that it does the job of winning business for clients. It’s an approach well-suited to digital marketing where rapidly-changing technology demands constantly innovative ways of delivering content that adds value to digital users.