Hero: Old Mutual — the real customer revolution

Posted: February 24, 2015

Old Mutual Annual Convention 2014: The Real Customer Revolution


Old Mutual

The Challenges
In 2014, Hero was charged with the task of revitalizing the Old Mutual Retail Affluent division’s annual 5-day, 5-cities roadshow for its intermediaries.  The objectives of the event are to inspire the intermediaries; reinforce Old Mutual’s commitment to support them, launch new products and promote customer-centricity.

It is easy for events such as these to be fractured in focus and to become formulaic and routine; and when they are, they fail to motivate, impress and engage the target audience.

The Solution
Hero took the lead on staging a fully integrated campaign and empowering convention, which included Kilowatt as the interactive partner.  At the core of the campaign was a bold strategic theme which positioned Old Mutual and its intermediaries in a completely different way – that of being revolutionists.  THE REAL CUSTOMER REVOLUTION put Old Mutual customers at the heart of everything that the business does.  Every intermediary and employee is seen as a revolutionist, challenged to think differently, to love what they do and to do great things that make a positive impact on customers.

The courageousness of the theme demanded a daring execution that was innovative, slick, future-forward, fully engaging and utterly inspiring.  Guest speakers and celebrity guests, including Dr Tim Noakes, Mark Pilgrim, Dr Susan Vosloo, Maya Fisher-French and Dr Vash Mungal-Singh, were selected for their revolutionary credentials.  The new products were presented to show how they are revolutionary for the customer.

 The Outcomes

  • Record-breaking attendance – more than 4 500 delegates pre-registered online, and the attendance of 2 232 delegates at the Johannesburg convention outstripped the competition by a significant margin.
  • Internet attraction – The micro-site hosted 10 872 unique visitors with a total of 41 923 page views.
  • Twitter attention – #omcustomerrevolution gained 319 462 impressions, and #omfightback notched up 15 654 impressions during the convention days.
  • Delegate feedback – those who attended the conventions rated the event a minimum of 8/10
  • New product sales – sales of the Green Light product launched at the event are currently 25% ahead of forecast
  • Theme gone viral – but, perhaps the greatest testimony to the success of the 2014 convention is that post-event Old Mutual employees have organically taken up THE REAL CUSTOMER REVOLUTION, with staff in the Call Centres, Human Resources and Administration departments identifying themselves as ‘revolutionists’.
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