Ignite Joe Public continues a growing partnership with Knorr

Posted: February 23, 2015

After specialist below-the-line agency, Ignite Joe Public, succeeded in a 2014 win of Knorr Soup, the agency continues to pioneer exciting new ideas into the Knorr business, and this year it’s with Knorr Salad Dressings.

Ignite Joe Public is now growing Knorr Salad Dressing

Ignite Joe Public is now growing Knorr Salad Dressing

The team was awarded the business in January 2015 after an inspiring thinking presentation that wowed the new client.

“We plan to rejuvenate Knorr Salad Dressing as South Africa’s favourite with fresh ignition thinking and solid strategic solutions,” explained Tiaan van Jaarsveldt, Managing Director of Ignite. “It’s more than just creating a positioning, but delivering on a long-term business solution. We can’t wait to start this new journey together.”

Ignite Joe Public and Knorr Salad Dressing have partnered together to develop a 3-year battle plan. The roll-out will launch with a 6-month campaign. “It’s a real creative growth opportunity for all of us,” added Pippa Capstick, Executive Creative Director, Ignite Joe Public, “we can’t wait to see our thinking shape something new for Knorr Salad Dressing.”

The first phase of the Knorr Salad Dressing campaign will start in May and run until the end of December and will include various phases from brand to trail with a mix of creative ideas in between.

“Repositioning ourselves as number one will mark the next chapter of Knorr Salad Dressing,” said Jabu Mthethwa, Knorr Salad Dressing Marketing Manager. “We’re delighted to partner with Ignite Joe Public because they really understand how we want to grow our brand.”