Internship Programme – Mobile Marketing Association Members

Posted: April 15, 2014

The Education and Training Committee would like to use the Internship Programme to attract (and possibly retain) diligent and enthusiastic educated talent to the Mobile Marketing Association Members. We strongly believe that the best way to grow the mobile marketing industry would be to introduce these recent (and existing) scholars into the fold of our members to ensure a quick and responsible learning curve for the technologically advanced youth, taking into account best practices when creating any and all mobile marketing initiatives.

The process:

The Education and Training Committee will vet all intern applicants. This includes a review of their CV and social media presence, as well as asking the applicants a few choice questions, such as:

  1. Which MMA SA Member would you like to intern for specifically.
  2. Briefly state why you would like to intern at the company, and
  3. What you would like to achieve as an intern?

Once the applicants have responded, we will forward the relevant information on to the company they have chosen for their internship. If the intern position has been filled, we will try and find a suitable replacement within the MMASA member base.

The positions available will also be added to the MMA SA website, with a central point of application for all interns.

What we can expect from an intern:

The academic and working experience of the interns would differ, depending on the institution they attended, as well as the nature of the course work. We have currently made contact with the following institutions:

–        AAA
–        City Varsity
–        Damelin
–        Red and Yellow
–        University of Cape Town
–        University of Johannesburg
–        Vega

You would need to outline a job description for your intern, bearing in mind that they are there to learn, and earn valuable work experience.  This could be your intern’s first foray into the market place, and as such, means that you get to determine their first work experience. Quite exciting really.

Some interns have to complete a certain number of hours as part of their course work. They may be required to create a portfolio and academic analysis of their time at your company.  The intern’s mentor may also need to send a letter to the course supervisor detailing the intern’s duties and performance.

Things that need to be discussed and agreed upon:

  1. Availability and duration. When is the intern available (this will depend on their academic schedule and the arrangements you make with the intern), how many days per week, at how many hours per day.  When will they start, and when will they end their internship. For some, the program need only be 6 weeks, other interns may prefer a longer time.
  2. Job description and intern outcomes (What does the intern want to achieve, and what does the company want to achieve by having the intern on board).
  3. Mentor – i.e. who will the intern be reporting to and who will be determining their work load for the duration of the arrangement.
  4. Pay. Some companies do not pay for interns, some do. The recommendation is that the host company covers all fuel and any other expenses the intern may incur. The average range so far for MMA members has been between R3,000 and R5,000 per month per intern.

Students that have applied so far include the following:

  1. UCT:
    1. Honours student | Film and Television Studies (Cape Town) *Placed
    2. Honours student | Media Theory and Practice (Cape Town) * Placed
  1. City Varsity:
    1. Journalism Graduate (Cape Town) – Looking to be placed potentially at Primedia Online i.e. or Dash of Lime
  1. University of Johannesburg:
    1. BA | Strategic Communications
    2. BA | Marketing Communications
    3. BCom | Marketing and Business Management
    4. BSc | Information Technology
    5. National Diploma | Engineering and build Environment (Operations Management)
    6. And many more. We have had various requests for the companies already involved with the internship programme, but also requests for Google, Mr Price, and SABC Mobile.

And, if you are still not sold,

Here are some benefits of having an intern in your organisation:

For your company: For the Intern:
Interns will come in with fresh ideas and new perspectives. Real life work experience
Interns can provide help for ongoing projects with limited resources. Learn new skills
Internships offer a low cost method of recruiting and training potential future employees. Build CV
Internships provide the opportunity for developing existing employees in terms of a supervisory and/or mentoring role. Begin professional network
Interns can become brand advocates. Test out an industry / organisation – learn about it.
By supporting your local institutions and new talent, you are essentially supporting your community. Fulfil academic requirements


If you would like to take part in the MMASA Internship programme, please email Samantha van Putten noting your company name and description and the duties you would like the intern to perform.