Jupiter creates TVC for all-in-one social app WeChat

Posted: April 28, 2014

[25 April 2014]: The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) has launched a new TV commercial for the mobile social communication app, WeChat.

WeChat (the world’s first ‘all-in-one’ social app) has grown to be a phenomenon that is taking the world by storm.  GlobalWebIndex reported a record 379% increase in WeChat’s users between Q2 and Q4 of 2013, with over 100 million registered accounts internationally outside China.

To dramatize this, Jupiter developed a TV campaign which shows how WeChat can impact the lives of other real social phenomena. The agency put celebrities and public figures on the psychiatrist’s coach and has a quirky, Freudian doctor psychoanalyse them. His solution to their problems? WeChat’s amazing feature set – showing that WeChat is “More Social” and “More Fun” than its competitors.

First launched in March, the latest instalment in the TV campaign hit the airwaves on 15 April, and features Gareth Cliff taking a seat on the doctor’s couch. When the ad opens, Gareth is first seen in a dreamlike hypnotic state where he is gagged and bound, lying on a bed of broken radios while angry voices tell him to be quiet, wanting to censor him. The psychiatrist then helps bring him back to reality, where Gareth is lying on his couch. He quickly consoles Gareth, reminding him that with his WeChat Official Account he can do and say what he wants.

Fresh after shocking the nation by leaving 5fm, the ad clearly advertises a partnership between Gareth Cliff and WeChat. Cliff and his core team will be launching his new “unRADIO” service, CliffCentral, via WeChat on the 1st of May.

By downloading and installing WeChat for BlackBerry, Android or iOS, anyone can use it to listen and interact with Gareth and his team. Streaming will allow anyone with WeChat to experience CliffCentral, which Gareth has aptly labelled ‘Uncensored. Unhinged. UnRADIO.’

Jupiter partnered with Ogilvy Cape Town, which is the lead strategic agency for WeChat in South Africa.

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The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town):

  • Executive Creative Director:                Ross Chowles
  • Art Director:                                               Steven Tyler
  • Copywriter:                                                Gerhard Pretorius
  • Producers:                                                  Lauren Trevelyan/Julie Gardiner
  • Account Director:                                     Mareli Jordaan

Giant Films:

  • Director:                                                      Peri van Papendorp
  • Producers:                                                  Laura Sampson/Di du Toit


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Kouthar Stellenboom

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