Jupiter CT introduces the Namibian market to The Bros

Posted: December 8, 2014

The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) conceptualised a new campaign for Namibia Breweries Limited Windhoek Draught which is aimed at young guys who know what they want. The campaign revolves around a group of friends, The Bros, and was developed after talking extensively to Windhoek Draught’s target market: young, influential, and fun guys.

Windhoek Bro's Hero Final_Screen grab

The Bros are five friends who know what they want, are free to be themselves and have loads of fun, but they keep it real by living to an unwritten code: the Bro Code. Just like the beer they drink, which has stayed true to its own code – to brew 100% Pure Beer with only three ingredients: malted barley, water, and hops.

What makes this campaign different is the fact that its shot as a TV series. The commercials introduce the characters one at a time,  picking  where the last ad left off. Each ad focuses on specific Bro Code and situation.

Andrew Lang, Creative Group Head, explains, “The campaign is led by five commercials that feel like a TV series. The Bros hang out in different places and when one of them breaks the Bro Code, the others make sure he stays For Real. Print, radio, promotions, appearances and a strong digital presence support the TV series. Over the course of 9 months, we’ll introduce the individual Bros to the Namibian audience, they’ll keep us up-to-date with ‘What’s For Real’ in the world, and we’ll get to know why Windhoek Draught or W.D., the beer itself, is For Real.”

Meet The Bros:

  • Fashionista Freddy – he’s the guy who’s stylish around the clock. He’s always on the fashion beat, and trying out new clothes and accessories. He follows trends, but he also definitely sets his own.
  • Serious Leonard – he’s a serious man of few words, but can tell you anything you need to know about how and why Windhoek Draught is brewed the way it is, and why it’s the best beer around. He also has a deeper, more serious side that loves a good piece of classic literature.
  • Romance Roger – the ultimate ladies’ man, Roger knows how to talk the talk, and how to smile that dazzling smile of his. Just don’t touch his hair – ever.
  • Party Animal Rob – track spinner, beat dropper and ultimate sneaker head – Rob the DJ knows how to get a party started and keep bodies moving on the dance floor. You’ll most likely bump into him in a VIP lounge somewhere.
  • And Joker Jakes – the guy with every prank up his sleeve, Jakes is the joker. He loves his gadgets, gaming and slick-looking rides. And of course, he loves a good practical joke.


Windhoek Bros TVC frame_ Screen grab


The official Bros campaign launched in Namibia in September 2014 with a 90-second TV commercial that introduced each Bro to the world, and focused on Fashionista Freddy’s wardrobe disasters.  At the end of November, the second commercial putting Serious Leonard in the limelight was aired.  Each commercial shows us how they always stay ‘For Real’ by sticking to the Bro Code.

To view the first and second commercials in the series, please visit:

Advertisement #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6UQkzIzwNA

Advertisement # 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G85Vk0PaBuU


Peri van Papendorp          Director with Giant Films
Di du Toit                            Producer with Giant Films
Jamie Ramsay                    DOP
Anthony Lee Martin         Offline Editor
Post Production                 Deliverance
Audio                                    Resonate

Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) team:

Andrew Lang                     Creative Director
Bianca Bernstein              Creative: Copy
Nicola Davenport             Business Unit Director
Keren van Staden              Account Manager
Lauren Trevelyan             Television & Radio Producer
Julie Gardiner                    Print & Radio Producer

Note to editors:

About The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town:

The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town celebrated 20 years in the business in 2014.  After having opened its doors in 1994 with three founding members, Kevan Aspaos, Joanne Thomas and Ross Chowles, and one client, it has grown over the years to be recognized and celebrated as one of South Africa’s most celebrated and awarded agencies.

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