The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) develops new social media campaign for Protea Hotels

Posted: November 25, 2013

Protea Hotels has launched a new social media campaign to bring to life the stories that happen in their hotels.   The brand has produced as series of Vine videos that will shared over Twitter, and which depict what goes on behind the closed doors of a hotel room.

A number of irreverent and bizarre scenarios where shot, showing that one never really knows what goes on behind closed doors at a hotel, and who stayed in the room before and what they did.

The campaign was devised and produced by The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town). Creative Director, Jakkie Brink explained the idea: “The idea started with the insight that a lot happens behind closed doors in Protea Hotels across the country. Protea Hotel has become known for its quirky tone of voice and also using digital as its main channel of communication. So, we were looking for a vehicle to tell all these stories and Vine was just perfect. With its six second looping format, it makes the perfect platform to tell quirky/interesting/shareable stories.”

“Production wise it was very affordable – shooting movies on your phone – it’s a no-brainer: no editing, no recording, no post-production in any form!! So the medium is nice and immediate. The client allowed us quite a lot of freedom with regards to the stories we wanted to tell because it was understood that unless the clip is shareable/interesting to look at, there’s no point,” she continued.

As well as random quirky stories, specials and seasonal offers will also be shared. The Vine videos will be shared via Twitter and Facebook, and ultimately all of the videos will sit on a microsite that will feature a hotel passage with lots of doors:

The campiagn can be followed via #ProteaDoors


The Jupiter Drawing Room

Jakkie Brink:                       Creative Director

Steven Tyler:                     Art Director/ filming

Gerhard Pretorius:          Copywriter

Zunaid Green:                   Editor/ filming

Susann Kompa:                 Project Management

Mandy Hendler:               Production

Keren van Staden:           Client Service

Stuart Gormley:                Client Service


Claudia Loureiro:              Stylist


Base 2

Vanessa Rossouw:          Client Service:

Neels Ackroyd:                 Business Analyst:

Danielle Mascher / Matthew Leach / Janine Allison / Daniel Alvares:  Technology lead, development and build