The Jupiter Drawing Room (CT) launches new campaign for Windhoek featuring Drogba

Posted: January 6, 2014

The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) has created a Pan-African advertising campaign for premium beer brand Windhoek Lager, featuring football legend Didier Drogba.

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The campaign celebrates the story of a beer from Africa that has grown to be celebrated and loved world-wide, and draws comparison to a man who has followed a similar journey.

The advertising campaign was developed when the brand team looked for ways to bring the story of a world class beer from Africa to life. They looked for a world class African hero that they could partner with as an ambassador for the brand, and researched what values and criteria should be considered.

The results that were fed back to them from Windhoek Lager consumers suggested that to be a world class African hero one needed to be humble and authentic . But more important than their career achievements, was the way that they conducted themselves and their involvement and commitment to their home country, along with their reinvestment to their community, despite being successful on world stage.

The search led the brand to Didier Drogba.

“Drogba shares the same values and conviction that we do. Not only is he a proudly world class African, but he has also kept it real, prioritising the important things in life above triviality and the temptation to do it easier. His authenticity and strength make him a man that Windhoek is proud to be associated with,” explained Jacqueline Pack, Senior Brand Manager- Windhoek, at Namibia Breweries.

“Through the partnership with him, and the telling of his story, our aim is to encourage Namibians to taste Africa’s World Class Beer and to show that nothing comes easy – it takes determination and hard work to achieve great things”.

The partnership will see Drogba appearing in a TV commercial, as well as posters, billboards, and other advertising collateral for the brand. Plans are also being developed to bring him to Namibia to meet Windhoek Lager fans.

Commenting on the campaign, Didier Drogba said that he was excited to be partnering with Windhoek Lager. “It’s great to see an African beer become so popular in so many different countries. I’m looking forward to visiting the Namibian shores soon to see the home of Windhoek lager”

The launched in Namibia in December 2013 and will be flighted across further African markets over the course of the new few months. This will be supported by a robust communications campaign across other media channels, including digital, which will continue through 2014.

 “The Journey” advertising campaign

Windhoek Lager’s advertising campaign, “The Journey”, was conceptualised and produced by The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town). Further credits are as follows:

Director: Matt Bieler
Director of Photography: Masanobu Takayanagi
Producer: Shayne Brookstein
Executive Producer: Philip Key
Editing: Black Ginger, Upstairs Post
Production Company: Moonlighting, Dinamo Istanbul (Turkey)
Music: Alun Richards
Sound: We Love Jam
Photographer: Ross Garrett