Kellogg wakes up to 34’s approach to shopper marketing

Posted: October 17, 2014

Poster: Wake up to warmth and you could win a Kellogg's beanie

In May 2014, 34 embarked on their first shopper marketing campaign for Kellogg’s to drive trial of their new range of instant porridges and saw phenomenal results when out-of-till volume sales grew by 64% in just 8 weeks!

Kellogg had requested a strong shopper marketing campaign to position Kellogg’s All-Bran and Corn Flakes porridge variants as the breakfast choice over winter, and to ensure that these porridges became part of South Africa’s breakfast repertoire.

“The single most critical consideration for a large percentage of the South African population during winter is to wake up warm and stay that way,” explained 34’s Strategic Director Mimi Nicklin. “A steaming bowl of Kellogg’s Instant Porridge means that the whole family can enjoy the warm benefit of the porridge and is ready to tackle the winter day ahead.”

“We know that shoppers react to a promotional offer based on emotion first and it was important that this ‘warmth’ came through creatively and overtly at the point of purchase,” added Nicklin.

It was this direction that gave rise to the promotional messaging of “Wake up to Warmth” that would draw the shopper in, and ultimately deliver on the sale.

The creative execution needed to cleverly articulate the intrinsic feeling of warmth that consumers look for during winter. 34 developed a thematic yarn font and innovative design to reinforce the warmth that the Kellogg’s Instant Porridge range delivers. The shopper insight was then brilliantly executed in a way that disrupted and delighted shoppers across the path to purchase and simply couldn’t be resisted on a cold winter’s day.

Kellogg's 'yarn-bombing'The campaign was strategically planned to run over 8 month-end weekends from May to August. “Wake up to Warmth” themed sampling units, with trained promotional teams, were positioned in high impact areas. The (warm) sampling activity was coupled with an instant-win promotion linked to purchase. Shoppers were instantly rewarded with warm woolly beanies on purchase of the product, and could collect their prize instantly when exiting the store.

In stores, a fully “yarn bombed” trolley displayed both variants of Kellogg’s Instant Porridges, creating standout on the shoppers’ journey to the shelf. Shelf talkers, category banners, branded trolleys, dump bins, gondola ends and additional shelf facings contributed to the overall category takeover.

“Presenting the retailers with something new and exciting to offer their shoppers facilitated buy-in and ultimately contributed to campaign success,” commented Khulula Sosibo, Brand Manager for Kellogg South Africa. “We are really pleased with the results, which have provided us with a platform for future growth in this category.”

The campaign over-delivered on all expectations and resulted in an out-of-till volume sales growth of 64% over the support period – a testament to conceptual execution that resonated with shoppers along and up to the point of purchase.