Land Rover ‘Bottle Cap’ keeps drivers top of mind

Posted: July 22, 2014

Y&R South Africa recently created the Land Rover ‘Bottle Cap’, a novel solution to keep Land Rover drivers hydrated in the onslaught of the harsh African climate.

Land Rover vehicles can easily withstand extreme temperatures without constant rehydration, but their owners have to take advantage of every drinkable water source to the best of their ability.

It was this insight that led to the creation of a dual purpose Land Rover cap that not only protects adventurers from the sun, but serves as a water collection device that one can drink from.

Water is scooped into the cap where a watertight layer of fabric allows approximately one litre of water to be contained. A specialised mesh lining on the inside allows water to flow through to the drinking nozzle, but stops particles, sand, stones and other debris from passing through.

“We went through an extensive R&D phase and designed the caps to not crumble with use, whilst still being robust enough to be used as a handle when scooping water. Essentially it’s a promotional tool that represents the versatility and capability of the brand,” explains Graham Lang, Chief Creative Officer of Y&R South Africa.

According to Peter Biven, Marketing and Communications Director for Jaguar Land Rover South Africa, the solution signifies increased brand impact compared to that of traditional promotional material. “The Bottle Cap actively engages consumers and supports their spirit of adventure – something we remain passionate about.”