LG Electronics “Washing Tunnel”

Posted: October 16, 2012

To demonstrate an under counter washing machine’s unique capabilities and capacity LG and Y&R decided to take advantage of the 2011 Rugby World Cup. LG’s 11kg steel washer was built in front of the player’s tunnels during the international sports event of Super Rugby.Players would run out onto the field clean, play the heavy dirt duty sport, go back into the washing machine tunnel during half time, talk strategy, change into clean kits, and when the second half resumed they came back out of the washing machine tunnel clean.

These are one of the advertising strategies that capitalized mostly by word of mouth, 240 000 fans at the stadium, millions of online hits, 850 000 read it in the press, 37 million people watched it on television, reaching 121 countries around the globe, making the campaign a huge success, and receiving a gold at the 2011 Loerie Awards.