Mobile review of MMA AMPS 2012AB released

Posted: January 22, 2014

Mobile review of MMA AMPS 2012AB released

In the fifth annual release of the MMA’s Mobile Review of AMPS 2012AB, some startling statistics are confirming that “nothing will get a marketer closer to their consumers, than mobile – especially in South Africa” – says Raymond Buckle, CEO of SilverstoneCIS and outgoing Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association’s South African Council.

AMPS, the All Media and Products Survey, produced by the South African Audience Research Foundation is a rolling bi-annual survey of how South African audiences consume media based on a representative sample of the adult population 15 years of age and older. Of the 35m adult population, 85% of individuals and 95% of households have access to their own, or a mobile phone in their households. This makes mobile the most pervasive mass media in South Africa since 2009.

Of mobile users, nearly 100% use SMS, Voice and USSD (a service based menu application which works on any phone), and 50% of those use mobile data and have access to the mobile internet. Interesting facts include:

  • More than twice as many cellphones as there are TV sets (31.8m vs 15.9m)
  • 4.6 times more households with a cellphone than a computer
  • 68% of e-mails are sent and received from a cellphone
  • SMS text messaging is used by 3 times more people than email
  • 7.2 times more homes with cellphones than landline telephones
  • 5.2 times more cellphone subscribers than fixed Internet users

The Mobile Review of AMPS 2012 AB Report, sponsored and produced by SilverstoneCIS, is the most current and comprehensive view of the mobile audience and their media consumption habits at the moment. The full report is available free of charge to the Mobile Marketing Association’s members and a highlights deck can be downloaded from the MMA SA’s site on

If this doesn’t convince you that nothing will get you closer to your consumers than mobile – nothing will!