Posted: July 1, 2015


by FCB Joburg’s Mukondeleli Ralushayi (Copy Writer) and Nkgabiseng Motau (Art Director)

The festival of creativity is a wonderful blend of work, fun, endless goose bumps and bubbly and we got to experience it. All of it, for the very first time. Travel through memory lane with us as we revisit some of our best Cannes moments through pictures and Q&A.

Dinner with the global team

Dinner with the global team

Mukondi: What has been your most memorable moment?
Nkgabi: Sheesh, that’s not fair. I’ll give you two. One was arriving at the festival and experiencing it in-the-flesh for the first time. That feeling of ‘it’s real’ was amazing. The second was not only being there for the Pharell Williams talk but better still, having the opportunity to ask him a question. I geeked out.

Unbelievable stage

Unbelievable stage

Nkgabi: Which talk resonated with you the most?
Mukondi: Samantha Morton and Jefferson Hack’s talk about championing female creative talent really hit home. We  don’t have enough representation of women in the creative industry and its definitely not because we are less talented than men, we just have more barriers. I’m glad that the talk wasn’t just another talk but that they had a solution, which is an initiative called ‘Female First’.

Female First initiative

First Female initiative

Mukondi: Cannes is also about networking, did you make any connections?
Nkgabi: I find the word connections so intimidating because you never know if someone is a real connection until much later on. But yes, I met many great people with whom I’ve exchanged contacts and I hope we’ll get to use them. We were also privileged enough to be introduced to some of the gods of the game from our Network at which point my only goal was not to put my foot in it.

Nkgabi: Three words to describe the whole experience.
Mukondi: Dream come true!

Mukondi: What else did you get up to besides attending seminars and award shows?
Nkgabi: We were lucky enough to go to a small town a little way out of Cannes called Saint Paul de Vence. It’s story-book-beautiful. It’s a very well preserved fortress at the top of a mountain with cobbled floors and old stone walls where you can find exquisite food and pretty things to look at or buy, from art to jewellery and even fine children’s toys. We did do a lot more like the network’s cocktail event and of course the beach parties but that was by far my favourite experience outside of the main festival activities.

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St Paul de Venice

Nkgabi: What was your favourite of the winning work?
Mukondi: Wow, that’s an unfair question lol. My response to that question keeps changing and that’s because there have been so many inspiring and deserving pieces. Hope you don’t mind but I’ll mention five: The Samsung safety truck, The iodine saving life dot, Always like a girl campaign, Water for Africa and the Nivea Sun doll.

Nivea Sun 'Doll'