New name, CI roll-out confirmed by Draftfcb South Africa

Posted: March 17, 2014

Draftfcb South Africa CEO, Brett Morris, has announced the roll-out strategy for rebranding the local agencies following the March 10 announcement that the global network and its agencies will be renamed FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding).

Brett Morris

Breaking the news in New York at the beginning of last week, Global CEO, Carter Murray, said the time had come to simplify the brand name to reflect the group’s focused identity and direction, following the merger seven years ago of two distinct brands, Draft and FCB.

Morris confirmed that the new branding will be rolled out in South Africa in three phases. Phase 1 will address rebranding of the agency’s digital platforms in the coming days. Phase 2 will deal with the rebranding of signage, stationary and office spaces while phase 3 will be an official launch to staff, clients and media. Both phase 2 and phase 3 are scheduled for roll-out in early May.

“Importantly the global rebranding includes a market-by-market element, and is flexible to allow agencies to highlight specific expertise or include the name of an acquired agency,” said Morris.

“Typically, each office will add the city in which they operate, for instance, FCB Johannesburg and FCB Cape Town, using a diagonal line through the B and the first letter of the local moniker.

“We also have the opportunity to add the name of an acquired company, such as is happening in London where the office will be FCB Inferno, due to the local equity and relevance of the acquired company.

“And, like in South Africa where there is an agency with specific expertise, it will take on that name, as with FCB Social Marketing.”

Morris is convinced the new CI is a positive move for the agency in South Africa, as well as for the group globally.

“The re-branding is exceptionally exciting for us because it’s really a matter of going back to our roots. FCB has a 140-year plus heritage of producing iconic work, which is obviously something that’s close to our hearts in South Africa. We look forward to this renewed focus and support from our global colleagues.

“It also means that we will be developing an exciting new CI which we look forward to sharing with the industry and clients in the near future. Beyond that, it doesn’t impact the relationship we have with our clients in any way.

“The emphasis for us, as it has always been, will be on producing iconic work for our clients’ brands,” he said.