New Sunshine D TV Ad by Y&R celebrates the delicious taste it brings to food

Posted: March 25, 2013

Sunshine DThe latest TV commercial produced by Y&R South Africa for Sunshine D aims to own the moments and rituals where delicious, tasty South African food and Sunshine D meet. The ad was shot by Petar Spiljevic at Velocity films.

According to Ismaeel Chetty, Y&R Art Director, “The humor behind the ad lies in the abrupt transition from the tone set by a musical score and narrator, to the woman’s excited reaction as she takes a bite of her freshly baked bun, spread thick with Sunshine D.”

Graham Lang, Y&R CCO commented, “What I love about the insight is that most players in this category are going on about your health, and looking after your heart and generally using scare tactics to get you to buy their product. What we are saying with Sunshine D is really simple and plays to the truth about spreads.”

Lindsay Leppan, Y&R Durban’s managing director commented, “This brief presented us with an opportunity to own a brand promise to make it relevant enough to be considered over competitors. The overwhelmingly generic category is a highly cluttered space. Where this campaign resists the usual, is that we looked at the reason people eat margarine in the first place. It’s not hinged on the taste of the spread, but is about the flavor that the margarine brings to the food we cook with, bake with or eat as a spread.”