PENDORING 2013: The final destination of success

Posted: May 6, 2013

PENDORING 2013: The final destination of success

Heart, soul and perseverance in advertising pay off

How to achieve success will be the focus of the campaign with which the Pendoring Advertising Awards want to tempt top players in the industry to enter this popular competition for outstanding advertising this year.

Thereby Pendoring wants to highlight the best advertising created in Afrikaans and other indigenous languages during the past year and at the same time celebrate an ideology conducive to a more groundbreaking world of advertising.

The campaign strategy is embodied by the word ‘respect’: what it takes to get it, show it and keep it.

“This year we are looking at what it takes to accomplish the goals that ensure success,” says James Yeats Smith, group creative director of Now&Partners and director of Pendoring’s marketing campaign. “This year the Pendorings will again honour work that attests to heart, soul and perseverance.

“With this campaign we want to focus on the stature and merit of the Pendoring awards by taking away the emphasis that has been placed on Afrikaans as a language and include the language in the awards,” says Smith. “Success takes a lot of hard work and doesn’t happen by itself. It demands perseverance and very strong willpower.

“We want to honour the creative individuals and teams who have walked this difficult road in their quest for success – people who follow their hearts and gut their souls in search of it,” Smith explains. “We target those who deliver contemporary work – not with any hidden agenda, nor with the goal of competing against anyone but themselves. In the end every individual is his or her own adjudicator – that is the definition of respect, and in turn asks to be respected.”

To illustrate these stories of success the creative team at Ogilvy Johannesburg have produced three short films about South Africans who have become players on the international stage while not losing their integrity along the way: the painter Zander Blom, the musician and composer Markus Smit (better known as Markus Wormstorm) and the photographers Hasan and Husain Essop. (Visit;; to view the short films of every protagonist.)

“They have found ways of expressing their true philosophy and style within the confines of the communities they live in and have still reached some level of success – on their own terms,” Smith explains Ogilvy’s choices.

Creative individuals and teams in the advertising industry are challenged to submit their best work of the past year to stand a chance to walk away with huge cash prizes.

Every gold winner will receive R6 000, while silver winners will get R2 500 each. The overall student winner will be awarded a cash prize of R10 000, as well as an internship at the well-known advertising agency TBWA HuntLascaris in Johannesburg.

The gold winner in the radio category will receive free airtime worth R150 000 from Jacaranda FM and worth R75 000 from OFM.

These are not the only prizes up for grabs: the Prestige winner can expect an overseas study tour worth R50 000 and the advertiser of the winning entry will also receive free media to the sum of R1.2 million.

The overall winner of the Truly South African categories (where campaigns in any of the 11 official languages can be submitted) wins a cash prize of R20 000 and the coveted Umpetha trophy.

For more information on the awards or to submit entries visit The closing date for entries is 15 July 2013.

Join the Pendoring Facebookgroup or follow @Pendoring_ on Twitter and use the hashtag #Pendoring. For more information visit

The creative team behind this year’s Pendoring campaign are Mariana O’Kelly (creative director at Ogilvy Johannesburg), James Yeats Smith (copywriter and director), Daniel Siegler (executive producer), Jamie Taylor (editor), Kelda van Heerden (designer) and Kent Andreasen (DOP). Music is provided by & Markus Wormstorm, and the production company is Now&Partners.

The full judging panel will be announced on 5 June 2013. Judging will take place on 15, 16 and 17 August 2013. The finalists for this year’s Pendoring Awards will be announced on 27 August 2013, with the awards ceremony at the Cape Town Convention Centre on 20 September 2013.