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Posted: March 23, 2016

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Celebrating its 21st year in style, the Pendoring Advertising Awards has truly come of age by opening its doors to all of South Africa’s indigenous languages.

This means that the Truly South African section with its four (4) sub-categories in which entries in indigenous languages (excluding Afrikaans) competed, will fall away so that each one of South Africa’s indigenous languages can now compete on equal footing for Pendoring’s sought-after gold and silver trophies in all the categories.

Moreover, the Umpetha award for the best work in an indigenous language other than Afrikaans,  which comprised a cash prize of R20 000 last year, has been increased considerably and, like the Prestige award, will henceforth also consist of an overseas study tour worth R100 000. As before, only gold winners will be eligible for the two main awards, namely the Prestige award and the Umpetha award.

There are also changes in the Student category; there will now be two prizes of R10 000 each for the overall student winners – R10 000 for the best Afrikaans winner and R10 000 for the best student in one of the other indigenous languages as well.

The move to henceforth include and reward the best indigenous advertising on an equal footing with Afrikaans, has been lauded by creatives across the board.

“I have been watching and participating in Pendoring’s transformation as an awards show over the years, and it seems Pendoring is really coming of age. I believe that, as an industry, we need to transform our communication from a single language approach to a creative approach that is inclusive of all languages. Pendoring is putting its money where its mouth is,” says Pepe Marais, co-founder and chief creative officer at Joe Public.

Siphelele Sixaso, head of marketing: SABC Radio says “SABC Radio couldn’t agree more. This is really ground-breaking work done by the Pendoring Advertising Awards. It is great news for the SABC Radio stations that have been at the forefront of mother tongue broadcasting to ensure that our identity as a nation is preserved and appreciated by all segments of the community.  I look forward to seeing more innovation and creativity expressed in South Africa’s indigenous languages. Well done to all involved in this move to give indigenous languages it rightful place!”

Jerry Mpufane, group MD at M&C Saatchi Abel, fully agrees. “I wish to congratulate the Pendoring Awards for recognising truly South African work. The creative industry could never claim excellence until it produces proudly South African work in every language.  Brands can only connect with the hearts and minds of consumers when they reach them in their home language, thus as an industry, we could never claim a true partnership with clients if brands did not connect with the consumers,” he points out.

Tiaan Ras, strategic director of Etiket, says Pendoring must be commended for including vernacular advertising in the awards. “Seen against the backdrop of a board and sponsors who initially created Pendoring to encourage and reward Afrikaans advertising, this is a big and brave step in the right direction to make the Pendoring Awards South African in every sense of the word. It clearly signals Pendoring’s vision to celebrate the diversity of South African advertising.”

Elane Vrey, lecturer at the AAA School of Advertising in Randburg, says more than 70% of her first-year copywriting students’ home language is neither Afrikaans nor English, “so up-weighting Pendoring’s indigenous language awards is excellent news for the AAA School of Advertising. Not only do indigenous languages have a rich history of storytelling, but some insights and ‘big ideas’ are so entrenched in indigenous culture that they lose their impact when communicated in English.

“It is truly liberating to see my students execute concepts in their home language. They are more confident and the results are absolutely brilliant! We can’t wait to enter our work to compete on an equal footing in all categories,” stresses Vrey.

Lecturer Darren Meltz from the Vega School of Brand Leadership in Pretoria, agrees. “Specifically from a student perspective, it will provide greater scope for recognising work that is thoroughly South African, thus moving the Pendoring brand forward as the most meaningful platform for the acknowledgement of local creative work.”

  • Entries open on Monday, 9 May 2016 and close on Monday, 1 August 2016.



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