“Salon Party” TVC promotes male circumcision

Posted: March 18, 2015

Brothers for Life, a brand of the Center for Communication Impact (CCI) formally known as Johns Hopkins Health and Education South Africa (JHHESA), recently launched The #MMCZing campaign with the intention of breaking the convention of males speaking to males around the topic of circumcision. The new TVC sets the scene at a salon party to rather have women “speaking” to a male audience. The insight for the TVC come from recent research conducted by Cadre, which showed that the target market tended to listen to the advice given to them by long-term girlfriends and wives.


Through the use of women communicating the benefits of male circumcision, not just for men but for themselves too, it reduces the risk of HIV transmission by more than 60%, as well as other health benefits. The idea is to leverage off the education of women to start influencing behavioural change within men.

Brothers for Life focuses on men promoting responsible behaviour in life, health, relationships, sex, their families and communities. They also advocate for health services for men and educate each other as brothers, men and as leaders.

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