Savanna Premium Cider gets an a-moose-ing new television commercial

Posted: March 11, 2013

A man walks into the Angry Moose Bar and orders a Savanna. “So, what makes the Angry Moose different?” The bartender, a moose enthusiast in a moose antler headpiece, looks over at the moose memorabilia in his bar and says: “Well, we’ve got all these mooses.” This sets off a few moose-chievous questions from the man with the Savanna.

“Moose” was directed by Greg Gray of Velocity Films and conceptualised by Mike Barnwell, Doug Larter and Trevor Sacks of Draftfcb. View the TVC here:

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Commenting on the new setting for the beloved South African cider brand, Savanna Global Marketing Manager Gillian Skinner explains: “This is the first time that Savanna will be seen in unfamiliar surroundings. After 13 years in the same bar it was time to experiment in new spaces. First stop The Angry Moose bar. A slightly over the top themed bar dedicated to the noble moose.”

In true Savanna style, “Moose” maintains the brand’s dry humour and wit. “Savanna has always been famous for its off-beat humour and dry wit and the new campaign shouldn’t disappoint even the most ardent Savanna fans,” says Skinner.

“Every brand has cycles and we are fortunate to have had great success with campaigns that have stood the test of time. Savanna has been voted South Africa’s most loved cider brand in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 TGI Icon Brand Awards and was again ranked one of the top cider brands in South Africa in the Sunday Times Top Brands Awards of 2012,” says Skinner.

“As we take Savanna into a new era it is important that the new TVCs remain true to the brand’s quirky persona and retain its DNA which has become well entrenched with the South African public over the years,” says Executive Creative Director on the campaign, Mike Barnwell, of DraftFCB. The award-winning agency has been with Savanna for 10 years and has won industry prizes for their work on the brand.

To launch the campaign, Savanna took the moose to its social media channels. On the Savanna Facebook page fans receive entertaining daily updates on the campaign and are also encouraged to check out #SavannaMoose on the @SavannaCider Twitter account and YouTube. Fans also stood a chance to win Savanna hampers if they shared funny Moose-isms like their favourite moosicians (Moosey Gray), their favourite Moose-icals or Movies (Sound of moosic) or fa-moose actors (William h Moosey).

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