Small budget, large audience — takes the cream

Posted: May 13, 2015

When tasked to reach a large audience on a small budget by client, FCB Cape Town came up with an idea that taps into one of the most insidious social media habits.

“Cat videos. The internet can’t seem to get enough of them. When our client asked us to come up with a cost effective way to promote their services, we decided to make a few videos of our own, featuring those cats the client is most at home with,” said Executive Creative Director, Mike Barnwell.

The agency created two 20 second ads – Dramatic Cat and Saber Cats – which were placed as pre-rolls before some of YouTube’s most popular cat compilations.

Watch the videos to enjoy’s quirky sense of humour: Dramatic Cat and Saber Cats.

Creative Credits:
Agency: FCB Cape Town
Executive Creative Director: Mike Barnwell
Creative Director: Aaron Harris
Creative Group Head/Art Director: Riaan Van Wyk
Art Director: Hannes Esterhuyse
Production Companies: Black Ginger, HelloMotion
Audio Engineer: Arnold Vermaak