Socialising enterprise is the biggest social media trend right now

Posted: November 8, 2012

Social media is no longer about the platform, it is about how to build social businesses and brands.This finding is among social media trends identified by industry pundits interviewed by local trendwatching site, TREND., for an indepth report into social media.

Called, ‘Socialising enterprise’, the trend report, sponsored by Quirk,states that social media works for great brands which deliver on their promises, like with any other facet of marketing strategy.

“It is about great content, great products and great delivery. Just like marketing should be.What social media is not any longer, is just a suite of social networks and tools. It is now about the social enterprise, the brand that integrates social across all platforms of engagement. It is about living social,” says report editor and the publishing editor of TREND., Louise Marsland.

As leading industry editors and publishers, Louise Marsland and Herman Manson joined forces to launch TREND. – a trend watching, market intelligence and research online portal and free resource for the media, advertising and marketing communications industry in South Africa, on 1 November 2012.

The main trends to be dissected in this, their first in depth trend report, are:

  1. Socialise your business: social media is no longer about the platform, it is about how to build social businesses and brands.
  2. Asset management: brands are moving from renting fans to owning fans on their own socialised online platforms.
  3. Be allergic to hype – don’t ‘do’ social media because everyone else is – it must be right for your brand and in the right context and at the right time.
  4. Social commerce: South African brands need to do more to monetise their social engagement. This is also a next ‘big thing’.
  5. Liquid content: content that can be repurposed quickly and used across various platforms.
  6. Social gamification is the next big thing in social media for brands, whereby interactive games are used to bring the brand message across and create fun opportunities for consumers to engage with brands.

For more in depth analysis on social thinking by brands and in organisations; how to build social brands; dark social – the traffic that can’t be measured; social CRM; and managing your social media assets, click through to the Dissect section on