Sunu directs message-on-a-bottle bromance for Castle

Posted: November 11, 2015

Castle 'Coming Home' ad, directed by Sunu

Egg Films’ Sunu directed Coming Home, Ogilvy Johannesburg’s new Castle Lager ad celebrating 120 years of the iconic South African beer.

The bromance road movie follows a group of friends as they track down the missing link in their group, Siya, who’s been traveling across Africa for years.

This was Sunu’s second Castle ad this year for Ogilvy, following on from their popular, star-studded Superfans collaboration.

Sunu worked with largely the same cast, leveraging this to craft warm, authentic performances that suggested a real sense of shared history. His key focus was to make the audience feel the depth of the friendship, so that the final reunion would be genuinely emotional.

Taking it a step further, Sunu insisted on shooting part of the job in Malindi, Kenya to capture the authentic textures of both the location and the cast.

The result is a miniature blockbuster: a distinctly African celebration of good beer, good friends and good times, and a moving, message-on-a-bottle bromance about the lengths friends will go to for each other.

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Title: Coming Home
Brand: Castle Lager
Client: SAB
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg
Creative director: Terry McKenna
Senior copywriter: Justin Oswald
Senior art director: Georja Romano
Agency producer: Lesley-Anne Roe
Director: Sunu Gonera
Director of photography: Alard De Smidt
Production co art director: Wendy Fredriksson & Michael Linders from Wigwag
Production co producer: Julia Schnurr / Vjorn Du Toit
Executive producer: Colin Howard / Kerry Hosford
Editor: Gordon Midgley
Post production co: Bladeworks
Music: Marc Algranti, Pulse Music NY