Super-Smart Lexus billboard from FCB Cape Town demonstrates adaptive headlights

Posted: May 25, 2015

Despite being a largely static medium, a billboard utilising a technique known as reverse perspective is cleverly demonstrating Lexus’ adaptive headlight technology to passing motorists.

This motoring technology allows the headlights to move and shine on the road – follow it – as the Lexus progresses around a curve, giving the driver a better view of the where he or she is going.

The billboard, courtesy of reverse perspective, does the same for approaching motorists. It creates the illusion that the vehicle is driving down a curved, tree-lined avenue. As the car travels forward, so the motorist’s perceptive of the avenue changes, just as it would if he or she were driving a Lexus along that curved road.

See here for a case study on how it works:

It was conceptualised by FCB Cape Town’s team of executive creative director Mike Barnwell, creative director Aaron Harris, art directors Riaan van Wyk and Bertus le Roux, copywriter Catherine Bartlett and designer Sharleen Hollick, and brought to life by The Video Lounge and photographer David Prior.

According to Barnwell, the South African luxury car market is very innovation-aware, and potential buyers carefully compare the ‘extras’ each marque offers before making their final purchase decision. The brief therefore was to highlight the Lexus’ adaptive headlights technology to set it apart while cutting through the clutter luxury car advertising.

“As a result, we set out to use outdoor media in a whole new way. And with such a specific execution, the creative and media had to work hand-in-hand,” he said.

“We knew that our ‘reverse perspective’ technique would work best on a corner, and when cars are not passing at too high a speed. So getting the right site was critical. And after much back-and-forth we were able to negotiate the perfect placement, giving the creative the best possible impact.

“The site, at Cape Town International Airport, also met Lexus’ need to be seen by as many relevant potential buyers as possible. It trades in an extremely competitive market and the fact that Cape Town sees many wealthy businessmen and tourists each day was important.”

Senior Advertising Manager of Lexus South Africa, Natasha Eddie, is thrilled with the result. “This execution is so clever, it succinctly pushes the target market’s buttons when it comes to innovation and technology,” she said.

“In addition, it neatly highlights Lexus’ ‘Pursuit Of Perfection’ positioning. Finally, it gives motorists a first-hand experience of what the headlights can do, and allows them to follow the road with Lexus.”


Client: Lexus South Africa
Senior Manager Advertising Natasha Eddie
Agency: FCB Cape Town
Executive Creative Director Mike Barnwell
Executive Business Director Mike Di Terlizzi
Group Account Director Wendy Pringle
Creative Director: Aaron Harris
Art Directors: Riaan Van Wyk, Bertus le Roux
Copywriter: Catherine Bartlett
Designer: Sharleen Hollick
Producer: Robyn Seymour
Production Company: The Video Lounge
Photographer: David Prior