Taking the plunge this International Coffee Day

Posted: September 26, 2014

POSTERIn association with TRUTH coffee, Y&R South Africa recently launched the ‘Take the Plunge’ initiative to promote awareness about exploitation in the coffee industry, and will be empowering local coffee shop owners, roasters and suppliers to communicate their commitment to ethically sourced coffee to their consumers.

This initiative, conceptualised by Y&R South Africa’s Cape Town office, consists of a website that provides a downloadable, royalty-free poster. Participating organisations can then include their own logo for print displays or share the content on their social media channels during the build up to, or on International Coffee Day, celebrated worldwide on 29 September 2014.

“The creative needed to be hard-hitting to highlight the severity of the issue of exploitation,” explains Nkanyezi Masango, Creative Director at Y&R SA’s Cape Town office.

In an effort to unite the industry and consumers in support of ethical practices, the agency designed the campaign with the additional ambition to prompt consumers to be more socially conscious and to make educated decisions when buying their favourite cuppa[1].  “The line, ‘Who’s paying for your coffee?’ is aimed at making coffee drinkers think twice about where they go for their morning fix,” adds Graham Lang, Y&R SA’s Chief Creative Officer.

“We decided we would actually like to promote something within the whole industry, which would become a voluntary association. It really is about being part of the solution, or part of the problem,” says David Donde, founder of TRUTH Coffee.

For more information, go to http://taketheplunge.info/

[1]Please note: Take the Plunge is not an official regulatory body and cannot vouch for the ethical practices behind every participating organisation.