The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) creates new brand campaign for Lucky Star

Posted: March 7, 2013

Lucky Star Be Mega campaign
The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) was challenged by Lucky Star to develop a new brand campaign which represents the positivity and optimism of one of South Africa’s most loved, iconic brands.

The new “BE MEGA” campaign takes inspiration from the biggest differentiating factor between fish and other proteins – it has Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential and beneficial to everyday vitality and brainpower.

The TVC shows ordinary South Africans overcoming their self-doubt to be the best they can be – that is to BE MEGA in their own special way. They are encouraged by a fictional character who pops up in unexpected ways and uses his funky megaphone to get his positive message across.

The campaign is colourful, vibrant, optimistic and fun – just like the iconic brand that is Lucky Star. The creative team hopes that in a light-hearted way the campaign can remind South Africans how cool we really are and encourage us all to BE MEGA!

View the ad here:


Exec. Creative Director: Ross Chowles
Creative Director: Jonathan Beggs
Dep. Creative Director:   Jen Mcfarlane
Account management: Samantha Milne, Hajirah Dawray
Copywriter: Batandwa Alperstein
Art Director: Karabo Makenna
TV Producer: Kim-Lara King

Production House: Ola Films
Director: Amy Allais
Exec. Producer: Olivia Leitch
Line Producer: Leanne Sanders
DOP: Michael Cleary
1st AD: Coenie Van Dyk

Animation and Fx: Black Ginger
Editor: Emily Bussac

Post Production House: Upstairs Post & Black Ginger
Music: Soft Light City

Sound Design: We Love Jam
Stylist: David Hutt
Art Department: Keenan McAdam