The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) designs Pure Beer Society venues for Windhoek

Posted: May 22, 2013

The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town)’s design team has developed the look and feel for beer brand Windhoek’s Pure Beer Society venues –  existing venues, re-launched with handcrafted furniture and fittings made from materials specifically selected for authenticity and quality.

The transformation of the venues stayed true to the Windhoek philosophy, using custom-made items that are 100% real and crafted to the highest standard.

Three local artisans were chosen to create bespoke pieces for the venues.

James Mudge, renowned for his clean lines and use of natural materials, created a large communal table, which features a timeline of the history of Windhoek beer and the beer tasting process engraved in the wood. Lighting expert Ryan Matchett has married his love of natural forms and the outdoors to design a bottle pendant and vat lights using recycled Windhoek bottles, brass and copper. Jared Odell designed a chair and a small table, using green Windhoek crates as bases, for use specifically in taverns.

Further innovative items have also been developed, including illustrated wallpaper demonstrating how to taste beer and Windhoek security grills for taverns.




The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town)
Ross Chowles – Executive Creative Director
Joanne Thomas – Creative Director: Design
Andrew Lang – Creative Group Head
Alex Hayn – Designer
Gugulethu Hlekwayo – Copywriter

Inhouse Brand Architects
Aidan Hart – Creative Director
Cara Siegers – Senior Designer and Project Manager
Michael Kieck – Interior Designer

James Mudge – James Mudge Furniture
Jared Odell – Jared Odell Furniture/Design
Ryan Matchett – Ryan Matchett Design House

Additional credits
Brand Botes – Illustrator
Simon Berndt – Illustrator
Mark Lanning – Photographer
Andrew Brauteseth – Photographer

Windhoek Pure Beer Society

Windhoek Pure Beer Society