Toyota broadens its reach

Posted: July 6, 2016

Calvyn Hamman

“South Africa is a unique country, characterised by diversity in our landscape, but more importantly, our people. This diversity forms a platform for a multitude of cultures and languages to intersect and intermingle, giving rise to what is affectionately known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’. Toyota has a long-standing history in South Africa, and we consider our customers as partners in our business.” So says Calvyn Hamman, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Toyota. “Customer-centricity has always been a Toyota mainstay, and we pride ourselves on being in-touch with our customer base and rely on their support and loyalty.

“One of the hallmarks of Toyota South Africa, is its diverse customer base – which is befitting the diverse range of people that our beautiful country encompasses. Taking a closer look at our extensive product range, it is easy to note that we offer a wide variety of vehicles to suit virtually everyone’s need. Many of our vehicles are specifically tailored to local market requirements and usage – further testament to us embracing the diversity of South Africans.

“Another unique fact about South Africa is the inclusion of 11 official languages. This is particularly interesting and can be challenging from a communication point of view, but Toyota South Africa views this rather as an opportunity to engage with our diverse customer base in multiple languages.

“Toyota believes advertising in vernacular languages makes a contribution to brand loyalty and customer engagement. That’s why we continue to acknowledge the value of vernacular-language advertising and the buying power of our emerging market through its on-going sponsorship of the Pendoring Advertising Awards, which specifically focus on South Africa’s indigenous languages this year,” says Hamman.

“An example of this can be seen in the successful Toyota Avanza radio advertisement and mini-dramas that aired across five different radio stations, including mainstream stations, Lesedi and Ukhozi FM. With over 18 million combined listeners in five languages, this represents a sizeable audience. It’s a known fact that vernacular groups form a significant percentage of the ‘emerging market’ and it is precisely these customers that we would like to talk to.

“Toyota acknowledges and appreciates the support of our vernacular-speaking customers, and we believe that in communicating with them in their indigenous languages, we build respect and ultimately contribute to fostering a long-term relationship.

“Toyota South Africa commends the Pendoring Advertising Awards on providing the recognition and platform to honour indigenous advertising in South Africa, and we pledge our continued support of indigenous advertising in the South African advertising landscape,” Hamman concludes.