Umpetha Award: Pendoring celebrates truly South African advertising

Posted: February 13, 2013

Following its successful sojourn in the Cape last year, the Pendoring Advertising Awards will again hold its gala awards ceremony in the Mother

Joe Public and Trigger Isobar take possession of the inaugural Umpetha Award for the best entry overall in the Truly South Africa categories at the 2012 Pendoring awards ceremony.

Joe Public and Trigger Isobar take possession of the inaugural Umpetha Award for the best entry overall in the Truly South Africa categories at the 2012 Pendoring awards ceremony.


Making the announcement, Pendoring general manager, Franette Klerck, said the move to the Mother City to coincide with the annual Creative Week Cape Town in 2012 was welcomed by many in the industry.

Based on that feedback, it had decided to keep the glittering ceremony in Cape Town for another year. Pendoring takes place on Friday September 20 at the CTICC with the Loerie Awards following suit on Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22.

Klerck added that entries for the 2013 awards open on May 6, and she anticipates interest will be high, particularly as the creative team responsible for the Prestige Award for the best overall Afrikaans entry will receive an overseas study tour worth R50 000.

Those who create the best overall entry in the Truly South African categories will be crowned with the Umpetha Award (meaning ‘champion’ or ‘the best’ in Zulu) and R20 000. As always, the gold winners will take home R6 000 in cash, and silver winners in all categories will win R2 500 each. The overall student winner also wins a R10 000 study bursary.

“Since Pendoring was established to promote and reward Afrikaans advertising 19 years ago, it has evolved into a comprehensive campaign aimed at creating greater awareness of the power of communicating in the home language of the target market, be it Afrikaans, Zulu, isiXhosa, and so on.

“By creating and advertising in the target audience’s mother tongue, the continued existence of that mother tongue is secured, as is the development of innovative and creative advertising that truly resonates with the target market.

“This, in turn, not only leads to a healthy and dynamic advertising industry, but provides a significant investment in the future of Afrikaans and other indigenous languages”, Klerck said.

Pepe Marais, executive creative director of Joe Public, one of the recipients of the inaugural Umpetha Award, paid tribute to Pendoring’s commitment to ‘egte Suid-Afrikaanse’ advertising.

“Pendoring’s Truly South African categories are there to reward outstanding work based on local, relevant insights. This is the kind of work Joe Public strives to deliver to our clients since it is this level of work that truly connects to their markets,” he said.

“We are extremely proud the2012 Umpetha Award for Nike went to Joe Public and Trigger Isobar as it is testament to Joe delivering on its intention as an agency. Being recognised by Pendoring and other awards remains a measure of excellence. After all, it is only through excellence that we add true value.”

Trigger Isobar creative director, Gustav Greffrath, added: “We were thrilled to win the Umpetha Award because it recognised the role of digital in driving an integrated campaign.

“Nike ‘Run Jozi’ used effective and creative technology to bring people together in the real world. We drew on local insights to overcome the unique digital challenges we face in South Africa and best answer the client’s brief.

“We’d challenge all agencies to enter this category as recognising and rewarding work that is locally relevant will encourage clearer communication and lead to better, truly South African solutions.”

Pendoring registered the brand name ‘Truly South African’ in 2012 and this, plus the successful debut of the Umpetha Award at the 2012 Pendoring Advertising Awards ceremony, are a milestone in the Awards’ evolution from an ‘Afrikaans’ advertising show to one that reflects South Africa’s multi-cultural demographic.