Virgin Atlantic Airways “Luggage Tags”

Posted: October 16, 2012

How do you let people know that Virgin Atlantic is the most affordable way to travel to London when you have little budget to reach them?

The challenge was Virgin Atlantic Airways’ (VAA) need to drive ticket sales on its daily flight to London. Y&R persuaded the client to make use of the budget by tapping into a key insight: the target market loves London because they love shopping.Luggage tags communicating the special fares were placed on shopping bags in exclusive retail stores in Johannesburg. The luggage tag communicated the special fares with a call to action and a reminder of the great shopping to be found in London. As shoppers walked off with their purchases, they noticed the tag and read the message. The campaign stood out for its relevance and its clever use of out-of-home media. It made far more impact with a highly targeted audience than a print ad in the Saturday Star would have achieved.

All of the special fares for VAA’s London flights sold out within two weeks.