What is a Company News Office?

Posted: May 24, 2012

MarkLives is dedicated to quality high-end journalism but we have always had requests to run company press releases on the site. Because we have not been able to find a way to do so without it interfering with our journalist produced content we have declined to do so in the past.

The Company News Office feature allows us to run great quality journalism while also catering to the demand for companies and organisations in our industry to run their news that doesn’t make it onto our conventional editorial schedule.

For us it means the ability to earn real revenue off a service we know is in demand while also building industry engagement with the site. For businesses taking a Company News Office it means they now have a great forum on which to announce big news like account wins, senior appointments, acquisitions and award wins to the broader industry.

So what does taking a Company News Office mean for a business? Each News Office includes a space on which to publish your news, contact details, a company profile and a link back to your website and your news will appear on the front page of MarkLives as a text headline that links through to your news story. It enables businesses to reach a senior audience in the broader marketing and advertising field.

For readers its means more content and the knowledge that MarkLives have a space for media and news releases that won’t interfere with the rest of our editorial schedule.

We feel it’s a win all round. For more information, including a costing, please drop us a note via our Contact page and we will be in touch shortly.