Why marketing collaboration matters and how DAM can help

Posted: August 2, 2016

What’s the big deal about collaboration these days? When it comes to marketing, it can be huge for the effectiveness of your team. Marketing today is hypercompetitive. Speed is crucial to gaining the competitive advantage – so it’s vital your team has the best tools for working together seamlessly.

The modern day marketing department is decentralised, often operating across different offices. Customers are engaging with brands in real-time conversations on new and multiple channels both online and on mobile. This is fundamentally changing the nature of the marketing workflow.

As demand for digital content ramps up, marketing teams need to collaborate more efficiently than ever before. But how? Here are three ways a digital asset management (DAM) platform helps teams rise to the challenge of better, faster, more effective collaboration.

Centralising content & workflow

Storing all your content in one place makes life easier – and collaboration seamless. When content is painlessly searchable, you and your colleagues spend less time looking for files and more time doing impactful work.

The first step to better collaboration is to make the content everyone’s working on visible and easily accessible. A well implemented DAM does just that, providing a framework for global brand consistency and enabling your people to say in sync.

A DAM also offers tools to foster deeper collaboration, enabling project contributors to upload, download, and share files faster and more securely, without a cumbersome old FTP system, or the worry of a system that’s not secure. What’s more, a system like Adstream’s Platform was designed specifically for the advertising industry, so it brings industry-specific tools to the table. Adstream’s file version manager and video annotation tools are just a couple examples.

Working with partners & suppliers

Audiences continue to explore new channels and platforms, which means marketers and agencies are under more pressure to meet rising content demands, all while balancing budget constraints. In a large campaign, hundreds of contributors might work on a single piece of creative, adapting it for numerous destinations.

Digital asset management platforms make this new workflow possible by allowing brands, agencies, production and post-production companies to work together in a single place. DAM’s provide built-in transparency about actions, timelines, approvals, and usages.

Typically, most DAM systems provide a brand or agency with a single platform with unique accounts and permissions for each contributor – but this is inefficient and counterintuitive to how most creative companies work. Each partner company needs to have access to the content of multiple clients, partners or suppliers – a cumbersome process under the single platform system.

Adstream addresses this with a “multi-tenant” platform. It enables every organization to have their own DAM system, but still share access to specific campaigns, projects, and content libraries with their partners.

Producing large media files

Working with large media files such as high definition video can slow teams down. Files might change hands several times during production. It’s difficult to share feedback on video, and moving large files around so many times and take a long time. Miscommunication among team members is common, and it’s easy to waste time working on an outdated version of a file.

DAM platforms bring order to the large video file workflow, making sure everyone can clearly view and access the latest versions of files. Most platforms also provide accelerated file transfer, making uploading and downloading much faster.

Adstream automatically manages file version to give your team an easy way to share feedback, with a frame-by-frame video annotation tool. When it’s time to share your video, you can send a condensed “proxy” version, rather that a giant master file.

As the volume of digital content grows at an exponential rate, the challenges faced by your marketing team grows too. Fortunately there’s a DAM platform that provides systematic structure, allowing your team to collaborate easily and effective.

The Adstream Platform is a DAM solution designed for advertisers and marketers. To learn more about how it could help your team collaborate better visit our website.